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 9-23-13 Talking Barack Obama 7 inch figure


Past Releases of 8 Inch Action Figures
Back in 2004-2005, we are released 8 inch fully articulated and very detailed action figures that have 16 points of articulation. Each figure was made with rotor-cast heads and will include cloth clothing. The heads are finely detailed.

Happy Days
Series 1, 2 ,3 and 4 Happy Days action figures include Fonzie, Richie, Potsie and Ralph Malph. Series 2 and 3 include Mr. C, Mrs C., Chachie, Joanie, Al, Fearless Fonzerelli in motorcycle outfit, Fonzie Jumping the Shark, Fonzie in Mechanics Outfit and Fonzie in Falcons Jacket.

The Munsters
Munsters action figures include Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie Munster. We also made a 2 ½ foot tall Woof Woof Doll replica that was released  in two versions 1) in a suit and 2) in Pajamas. (All Munsters product has SOLD OUT)

The Brady Bunch
Never before released in action figure form, our Brady Bunch action figures were released in 2005. Included were Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Mrs Brady and Alice.

Space 1999
Series 1 Space 1999 action figures include Paul Morrow, Alan Carter, Captain Zantor and the Mysterious Alien. Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4 which will be released in Late October 2005. Figures will include Sandra Benes, Tony Verdeschi, Professor Bergman, Maya, Female Alien, Companion, Mentor, Number 8 and more to be announced. In Series 2-4 we have randomly inserted one per case "Vintage 1976 Space 1999 trading card".
Series 5 includes Raan, Bill Fraiser, David Kano and Balor.

Legends of Professional Wrestling Andre the Giant
Referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World, released in 2005 were two highly detailed Andre the Giant action figures with two different head sculptures.(SOLD OUT)

Mad Monsters Series
We are re-releasing a retro line of popular non-licensed Monsters from 1970's. The line will include a 1st Series The Dreadful Dracula, The Monster Frankenstein, The Horrible Mummy and The Human Wolfman. Mad Monsters Series 2 will include The Demonic Devil, The Salem Witch, The Gruesome Ghost and The Grim Reaper.

Mad Clown Series
Our own line of action figures titled "Mad Clowns". The first Series of figures are called Dementia, Maestro, Buzz Cut and Scatterbrain.

Robin Hood Merry Men Series
Based upon the legendary Robin Hood characters, figures of the Merry Men were originally released in 1975. Now, they're back again thanks to Classic TV Toys! Enjoy adventures with our 8 inch figures of Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck! Each highly detailed figure stands at 8 inches tall, and has 16 points of articulation, as well as actual cloth clothing.

Super Knights Series
We have re-released a retro line of popular non-licensed Knights from 1970's. The line will include a 1st Series of King Arthur, Black Knight, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Ivanhoe.

American West Series
We have re-released a retro line of popular non-licensed Cowboys and Indians from 1970's. The line will include a 1st Series of Sitting Bull, Cochise, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickock and Davey Crockett.

Super Pirates Series
Originally released in 1975, the Super Pirates line capitalized on the pirate craze by showcasing four famous pirates in figure form. Now Classic TV Toys is proud to bring the Super Pirates back to the toy shelf! Jean Lafitte, Long John Silver, Captain Patch, and Blackbeard are back! Each highly detailed figure stands at 8 inches tall, and has 16 points of articulation, as well as actual cloth clothing.

"Married with Children"
For the first time ever released get ready for Al Bundy, Peggy, Kelly, Bud, Grandmaster B, and their neighbors Marcy and Jefferson Darcy. Also look for Al in Bowling Shirt, Al and Jefferson in "No MA'AM" t shirts with masks, Kelly in rock video outfit, Al in Polk High football shirt.

"I Love Lucy"
Most likely the greatest television sitcom ever produced, "I Love Lucy" action figures will include Lucy Ricardo, Ricky Ricardo, Fred Mertz and Ethel Mertz. Look for additional releases including Lucy from "Job Switching" , recently voted one of televisions most memorable moments.. (SOLD OUT)